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The driving test serves a pivotal role in determining whether an individual can safely operate a vehicle and adhere to traffic regulations.

As per the Texas Drivers Handbook, evaluators assess drivers on four fundamental skills: control, observation, positioning, and signaling. The practice undertaken during the learner's permit phase is designed to equip individuals with the requisite skills to emerge as competent drivers and to successfully clear the test with distinction.

The emphasis is on ensuring that the driver is adept in practical application of driving knowledge, demonstrating a high level of precision, awareness, and adherence to traffic laws, ultimately contributing to road safety.

Teen Requirements for Road test (Age: 16-17)

• A valid Texas Learner's License (Permit)
• A valid DE-964 certificate (or parent-taught equivalent) showing completion of a FULL Driver Education Course (32 classroom hours - 14 laboratory hours - 30 practice hours)
• VOE (Verification of Enrollment) or High School Diploma
• Certificate of completion from the Impact Texas Young Drivers (ITTD)video, dated within 90 days of the road test

Adult Requirements for Road test (Age: 18+)

• A valid Texas Learner License/B-restricted Driver's License.
• Only for adults from 18 to 24. We will need a copy of your certificate ADE1317.
• Certificate of completion from the Impact Texas Young Drivers (ITYD) video, dated within 90 days of the road test.
• Car insurance with your name listed as the driver.


It is mandatory for students aged between 14 and 18 to provide the information mentioned below. For individuals outside of this age range, submitting this information is optional.

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