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The 32-Hour Classroom, 7-Hour Driving, and 7-Hour Observation Course in Texas is designed to provide potential drivers with the necessary knowledge and skills required to safely operate a motor vehicle. The 32-Hour Classroom portion provides an introduction to key topics such as roadway markings, traffic signs and rules, traffic laws and regulations, defensive driving techniques, operating a motor vehicle safely, and proper safety precautions. Beyond these fundamentals, the classroom curriculum also covers more advanced topics such as spotting hazards in time to take corrective measures, risk management on highways, accident avoidance, passenger awareness, road construction issues, weather considerations, and more.

The 7-Hour Driving Instruction offers practical experience on city streets, interstate highway systems, rural roads, curvy roads, subdivision streets, and turning techniques so that drivers can become familiar with varying driving conditions. It also includes trips to practice discernment between excessive speed setting for any variety of circumstances as well as situations where caution must be exercised.

Lastly, the 7-Hour Observation permits students the opportunity for a hands-off approach by observing an experienced driver in real-world conditions, allowing them first-hand knowledge of how capable drivers handle challenging environments. This course is designed to give drivers the confidence and skills to navigate the roads safely and responsibly.
Class Code Dates Days Timing Comments
Batch #24 Starting on July 27th- September 15th Saturday and Sunday [Weekend class only] 8 Weeks 3pm - 5pm Enrolling Now
Batch #25 Starting on July 22nd - August 9th Monday to Friday Weekdays only (3 Weeks class) 5 pm to 7 pm Enrolling Now


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